We strive to be a faithful, open and inclusive community.  We welcome the participation of all people of any ability, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other life circumstance. We are singles and couples, empty nesters and families with infants and teens,  of many races and many backgrounds and incomes, some soccer moms and some tree-huggers, some vegetarians and some junk-food eaters, some extroverts and some introverts, some who work too hard and some whose work life is done, some seekers and some skeptics, some traditionalists and some modernists – in short,  a diverse and growing community of over 500. Some of us are natives of North Carolina, and a few of us are natives of Raleigh. Most of us, however, moved here from all over for school, work, or retirement.

Many of us have Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox backgrounds and joined the Episcopal Church later in life because Christ engaged us here more strongly. Some of us first came to know the love of God in Christ in an Episcopal church.

We have been described as a welcoming, educated, participative, and energetic congregation. We recognize that people vary in their gifts and needs, so we offer a broad array of programs and use our members’ talents in a variety of ways. Some have joked that we are the “Church of the Activity” because there is always so much going on.

We are fully inclusive. All are welcome to our community. We invite you to drop by on a Sunday morning and see what we’re like.

We are committed to:

  • Eucharistically centered worship
  • Active outreach and evangelism
  • Striving for peace and justice
  • Fostering spiritual growth
  • Supporting one another in this parish family
  • Nurturing children in the knowledge and love of God
  • Returning to God our gifts of time, talent and treasure
  • Cultivating inclusion and community

Whoever you are – seeker, skeptic, believer –  you are welcome here. Bring your questions, your yearnings, your truths and become what you already are: Beloved Child of God.

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