Nativity is a welcoming and inclusive community and we are glad that you have come to worship with us.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and able to participate in all aspects of our church community including, services, education, youth group, special events at church and field trips, fellowship, and our ministries.

We don’t want anybody to feel left out. We are all God’s children.

We recognize that everybody is different and accommodations are based on an individual’s needs.  We will do our best to provide accommodations and eliminate barriers to participation.

What can you expect when you come to Nativity?

  • You can expect to find a welcoming and inclusive group of people who are glad that you have come to worship with us.
  • All people are welcome at Church of the Nativity.  We have people with disabilities of all ages, people of different sexual orientation, race, language, educational levels and backgrounds.
  • Everyone is greeted at the door by our ushers who have the day’s bulletin (the order of the service and the prayers).  Please ask an usher for a large print edition if you need one.
  • We have communion at the altar rail.  It is not necessary to kneel at the rail, you can stand to receive communion and wine.  If you need communion brought to you, please let an usher know when you arrive and we can easily make that accommodation.

Our goals

  • To the extent possible, eliminate barriers that keep people with disabilities and their families from attending services, meetings, education and activities.
  • Seek and discuss ideas to promote understanding and better inclusion of children and adults with disabilities
  • Use People First language and teach others that we are all people first before we are anything else
  • Install an amplification system and provide listening devices
  • Provide an “I need a break” room at all services, meetings, and activities so that anyone overwhelmed and needs a break can have a designated space to go
  • Explore ways to provide sensory-friendly worship services and events

If you would like to visit Nativity or discuss ways we can help you participate with accommodations, please contact Sheila Knapp at 919-844-9471.