Andover Opus 115

Andover Opus 115

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The organ at Church of the Nativity is the Opus 115  of the Andover Organ Company, Methuen, Massachusetts.  The organ was designed with characteristics of instruments typical of small English parishes of the 19th century. It is delightfully voiced for the acoustic intimacy of our modest-sized nave. Since its installation in 2007, the organ’s liturgical sounds have led the singing at Church of the Nativity as we worship the glory of God.

The organ has 774 pipes played by two manuals and pedal-board with the swell division enclosed in a mechanically operated swell box to affect the sound level. The key and stop action are mechanical, which give the organist full control and expression of the pipe speech and musical articulation.

The design of the instrument provides for 20 stops.  The installation included delivery of 12 stops with the chests prepared for 8 additional ranks of pipes to be completed in the future. The facade pipes are made of 70% polished tin. The keyboards are covered with cow bone naturals and ebony sharps and the draw knobs are made of Pau Ferro with faux ivory labels. The solid walnut pipe shades contrast with the solid red oak case, which matches the wood trim in the church. The organ has a Zimbelstern and a star that turns when the bells ring. It is a fitting addition for Church of the Nativity.


8’ Open Diapason 58 pipes
8’ Chimney Flute 58 pipes
4’ Principal 58 pipes
4’ Flute prepared
2’ Fifteenth 58 pipes
III Mixture 174 pipes
8’ Trumpet prepared
8’ Stopped Diapason 58 pipes
8’ Dulciana 46 pipes
8’ Celeste prepared
4’ Silver Flute 58 pipes
2 2/3 Nazard 58 pipes
2’ Principal 58 pipes
1 3/5 Tierce prepared
8’ Oboe 58 pipes
16’ Subbass 32 pipes
8’ Flutebass ext. prepared
4’ Choralbass ext. prepared
16’ Trombone prepared
8’ Tromba prepared
Zimbelstern (bell star)
Swell to Great Coupler
Swell to Pedal Coupler
Great to Pedal Coupler