The mission of Church of the Nativity is summed up in three words: “Inspire Nurture Grow.”


INSPIRE and serve God’s people and creation

NURTURE one another’s spirits as we follow Jesus

GROW God’s kingdom in love


We seek to follow the way of Jesus as the way of love.

We believe that God lived among us to teach us to love and care for one another, not to hate, judge and disrespect.

We seek peace and reconciliation between ourselves, our neighbors and God’s creation.


In 2014, our Vestry approved the following goals for growing our faith, worship and community life:

  • Faith: Provide an environment in which individuals explore and identify their sense of faith as part of the body of Christ, and practice their beliefs in the church and in the world.
  • Worship: Create engaging worship opportunities to respond to the needs of diverse populations.
  • Community: Nurture Christ-like servant leadership through a process of conversation, action, and reflection to equip each member of Nativity for ministry in the wider community.