In an effort to actualize the three-year objectives set by the Vestry, 11 Ministry Teams have been organized to date to manage all ministries, activities and administration areas of Church of the Nativity. Each Team consists of 5-8 members who are responsible for setting tasks, determining a budget, and outlining schedules by setting and completing Action Items.  This structure facilitates communication about Nativity’s  many activities, develops leadership in the church, and promotes involvement of parishioners in the running of the church.

Most Teams have a Team leader and a Vestry liaison who acts as the interface to the Vestry, although some Teams do not.

Want to join a Ministry Team? Contact the church office or one of the people below for more information.

  • Adult Formation: Develops and manages adult education programs.
    Team leader: Carl Terry
    Vestry liaison: Dargan Gilmore
  • Buildings and Grounds: Responsible for all maintenance, repairs and improvements of the church buildings, grounds, utilities, equipment, furniture and other related church items/areas.
    Team leader: David Johnston
    Vestry liaison:  Cuyler O’Connor
  • Communications: Oversees the various communications efforts of Nativity, including newsletters, bulletins, website, Facebook, and advertisements.
    Team leader: Gail Christensen
    Vestry liaison: Matt Chytka
  • Environmental Stewardship: Caring for creation by responding to climate change through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. 
    Vestry liaison: Alicia Lester-Bodford
  • Finance: Develops and manages the church budget, audits and other financial matters of the church.
    Finance team leader: John Oldham
    Vestry liaison: Matt Dutton
  • Membership/Newcomers Ministry: Develops and deploys programs and events to welcome new members and assist them in finding programs to meet their needs.
    Team leader:
    Vestry liaison: Steve Wooden
  • Outreach: Develops Nativity Outreach activities and programs to support our Outreach focus areas.
    Team leader: Carl Sigel
    Vestry liaison: Tom Schuler
  • Parish Life/Focus Groups Initiatives: Schedules and organizes various parish-wide events promoting fellowship, recognition and celebration.
    Team leader: Sandy Entrup
    Vestry liaison: Ailsa Tessier
  • Pastoral Care: Develops pastoral care programs and resources to meet the changing needs of all members of Nativity.
    Team leader: Susie Holmes
    Clergy liaison: The Rev. Dr. David Lynch
  • Social Justice Advocacy and Racial Reconciliation: Discusses actions for healing racial divisions.
    Team leaders: Beth Crow, Becky Showalter
  • Stewardship: Develops and manages the Stewardship Program and Planned Giving.
    Stewardship team leader: N/A
    Vestry liaison: Jeremy Clos
  • Worship: Plans and develops worship programs to meet the varied interests of Nativity’s membership. Under their leadership are the liturgical ministers: acolytes, Altar Guild, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, and lectors, among others.
    Team leader: N/A
    Vestry liaison: Harlan Hagge (Liturgical Support) and Evelyn Judson (music)

Archive of Ministry Team meeting minutes