Members of Church of the Nativity share joyfully in the life of this congregation. Becoming a member is not complicated, but opportunities abound for participation when membership is obtained.

The only requirement for membership in the Episcopal Church is Baptism in any tradition or denomination.

If you are not a member of another congregation, simply fill out the Membership Form and bring it to the church office or place it in the offering plate during a service. If you currently belong to another church, a “letter of transfer” is all that’s needed. You may either contact your previous church’s office and ask that your transfer letter be sent to Nativity, or use our Membership Form and we will contact them for you.

If you are seeking information regarding Baptism or Confirmation, please contact the Rector, the Rev. Stephanie Allen, by phone (919-846-8338) or email Contact Us

An informal breakfast for newcomers that includes information about Nativity and the Episcopal Church is offered at times throughout the year.

We welcome new members during worship as well. “Welcome” Sundays to recognize new members and offer prayers for them will be held at various times during the year.

We also welcome new members when they are baptized. Baptisms will be offered on the following Sundays in 2018:  January 7, April 1, May 20, September 16, and November 4.