Don’t we all yearn to flourish in our faith in all aspects? We want to live faithfully in our daily behavior, in our relationships with others, in our prayers, and in our use of the gifts that God has given us.

With confidence, we affirm that Nativity is thriving and flourishing. We have opportunities to go deeper in prayer, study and worship, to engage in a broader and energetic Outreach Ministry and to extend our robust and lively Children and Youth Ministry programs.  All these things point to a community that is alive in the Holy Spirit.

We believe that our community supports the vision that we can:

  • Enrich our church’s history of community engagement  by increasing support of the Outreach programs – Our Outreach Ministry wants the church community to be more engaged with those whose basic needs cannot be met. We aim to increase the funds we spend and our individual involvement in outreach programs, showing the world and each other the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Maintain and enhance our campus by increasing our maintenance investment and restructuring our building mortgage – It is important to be good stewards of what we have and to plan for maintaining our facilities, especially as they age. Increasing our reserves for long term maintenance will allow us to better address issues as they arise. We hope to shift some focus to preventative maintenance as well to hopefully lower overall costs.

Your prayerful pledge will allow the church leadership to responsibly plan for the affairs of the church, using the gifts efficiently now and planning carefully for the future.

The richness of our shared journey is dependent upon each of us and our openness to God’s leading. Let us join together to do God’s work through Church of the Nativity, as we continue to build on the foundation in which our faith may flourish.