Love God. Love Your Neighbor. Change the World.

There are two stories of creation in the book of Genesis. In the first, God creates the earth and all the creatures who inhabit the earth, THEN God creates a human, translated from the Hebrew as “earth creature.” In the second account, after God has created the light, water, and earth, God creates the “earth creature,” THEN creates the animals as companions for this creature. Both accounts are clear: humankind and the earth are meant to be in harmony with one another and in harmony with the Creator.

At Church of the Nativity we believe that our faith in Jesus, our reverence for the earth, and our service to others are deeply woven together in our life of faith. We seek a connection to God through our connections with one another, through caring for the natural world, and through an examination of our interior life. All these things are a form of prayer. We hope that the reflections of this blog reveal and inspire this belief.

The Soil Story

by Carl Sigel

This short video beautifully explains the science behind the carbon farming concept, and why to avoid the most serious consequences of climate change we need to encourage greater adoption of this conservation agricultural practice.

Becoming the Good Soil: A Life of Grace for the Whole World

by Carl Sigel

In conjunction with Nativity’s efforts to serve as a catalyst for launching carbon farming in NC (see Caring for Creation blog posts on August 28 and December 3, 2016), Nativity is offering a series of events beginning on April 22 (Earth Day) and going to the end of May. The first event will be a […]

Plant Some Blueberry Bushes outside the Fence

by Carl Sigel

Emilie and I love our blueberries. So do the squirrels, birds, deer, and geese. For that reason we have planted lots of blueberry bushes outside the fence. In fact, almost two-thirds of our bushes are growing outside our bird protected area. There is a biblical basis for sharing our harvest in this way. As Ellen […]

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” Aldo Leopold

by Carl Sigel

As I think about the current state of politics in our country from an ethical perspective, I am reminded of what Ellen Davis, Professor of Bible and Practical Theology at Duke Divinity School wrote in her book, Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture concerning agricultural ethics. “Currently, there are active in our culture two opposing agricultural ethics, […]

Fulfilling a Biblical Covenant:Restoring the Good Soil

by Carl Sigel

In his book, Soil and Sacrament:A Spiritual Memoir of Food and Faith, Fred Bahnson says the verbs avad and shamar in Genesis 2:15 have been translated mistakenly as “till” and “keep”. This conclusion is based on the philological work of Old Testament scholar Ellen Davis (Duke Divinity School), who has explored how these words were […]

Faith Statement on the Environment from The Episcopal Church

by Carl Sigel

During the 70th General Convention in 1991, our responsibilities as Episcopalians to care for creation were delineated in a Resolution entitled Affirm Environmental Responsibility and Establish an Environmental Stewardship Team, 1991-a195. “Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, that the 70th General Convention of the Episcopal Church, affirming our responsibility for the earth in trust for […]

Moving Beyond Hunger Summit

by Carl Sigel

On June 22 the Capital Area Food Network (CAFN) will host a free food summit, Moving Beyond Hunger: Food Systems for Food Security in Raleigh. CAFN is a community of Wake County citizens working together to support, sustain, and improve our local food system. CAFN was developed out of the effort of the Raleigh Wake […]

Celebrating a Sustainability Pioneer, Charly Kerr

by Carl Sigel

On Thursday, April 21, during the City of Raleigh’s annual Environmental Awards presentation parishioner Charly Kerr was recognized for his outstanding work on environmental stewardship. Charly owns the Chick-fil-A restaurant at 8860 Six Forks Rd. For several years, he has been out to demonstrate to the world that within the fast food industry vast improvements […]